Many of the lifting chairs designed for seniors in the market are sold in like-leather or PVC, which is quite uncomfortable (it is warm and sticks in summer and it is very cold in winter), so they end up being used with a sheet on the top (which becomes really uncomfortable when it wrinkles, and may even cause wounds).    
We run away from this trend because we think that it adds no advantages, not even in terms of cleaning, because if the person needs it, there are means to prevent incontinence problems.
Moreover, we use fabrics with Stain Free and Aqua Clean treatments. Also they are treated against mites, fungi and bacteria. They have all the cleaning advantages of the imitation leather, but it is breathable and has a much nicer touch.    

Another problem of synthetic leather is that it peels with use. Although manufacturers offer a 2 years guarantee, it is very common that these problems appear around this time in the areas with more friction, such as the arms and the front of the seat.    
For this reason we recommend the use of these Aqua Clean fabrics, which are softer and nicer, and at the same time, much more resistant and durable.

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