Even the smallest details

Ergonomic Elements
Curven footrest
Footrest with curved shape to hold the feet in the centre.

The footrest has been designed with curved shape (inwards) to make it more comfortable, avoiding that the legs fall to the sides. 

High Arms
Arms higher than usual to favour a comfortable upright position.

The arms of the armchairs in this collection are slightly higher than usual; this allows us to stay in an upright position with our arms resting completely.

Resting heart position

Resting heart position.

The reclining mechanism favours a good resting heart position, since it raises our legs up to our heart level to lower the heart rate. Moreover, in this position we keep the same angle between our back and legs as just sitting, avoiding the usual dizziness caused when the back reclines too much.

Firm Seat
Firm seat, more comfortable and slightly inclined backwards to avoid sliding forward.

The seat is firm to make it more comfortable for seniors (it is not truth that soft foams are more comfortable. Moreover, the seat cushion has been designed slightly thicker on the front to avoid sliding forward (this is usually another problem from this type of recliners).