Frequently Asked Questions

1.- Why is it better just one motor instead of two?
Everybody thinks that two motors are better than one, and that if the product is more expensive for sure it is better. We think that with just one motor, the armchair can be reclined to the most comfortable position, without changing the angle between back and legs to avoid the dizziness caused when you recline too much, and at the same time the powerlift mechanism can be operated. It is much easier and not as expensive as it would be with two motors.              

Sillón Toscana Powerlift
2.- Do I have to assemble it or it comes already assembled?
The armchair is already assembled. The delivery team must place it at the customer’s house and, as part of the service, explain briefly how it works.

Sillón Toscana Powerlift
3.- Can I move the chair from room to room?
Yes. It has a patented wheels system that enables us to move it from one room to another. This can be a great advantage when the old person using the chair cannot stand on his own. We can use  the armchair as a wheelchair.

Sillón Toscana Powerlift con ruedas
4.- Can it pass through doorways?
Yes. The narrow arm chairs are the perfect fit to be used as wheelchair and move them from one room to another.

Medidas sillon powerlift
5.- Why the arms are higher than usual?
The arms of the chair are a little higher than usual to allow an upright position with your back and arms completely supported.

Brazos sillón powerlift
6.- Can I set the mechanism in a higher position?
Yes. It has a patented braking system on the powerlift mechanism that allows us to adjust the height and set the position without operating any pedal or having to manually lock the castors. This way the person can sit up straight for lunch for example, thus avoiding having to change to another seat.

Mecanismo elevado sillón powerlift 
7.- What kind of fabric is better for this type of armchairs?
We recommend a range of fabrics called Rustika, which apart from being stainfree and AquaClean (liquid repelling), are also anti-mites, fungi and bacteria. They have all the advantages of synthetic leather, but have a nicer touch and texture, and are more resistant and durable.

Aqua clean 
8.- What are the advantages of the battery?
The motor to operate the reclining and the lifting actions is electric and needs to be connected to the socket. However, we offer the option of attaching a battery to avoid cables. It is a long life battery; depending on the use it may have a working life from 1 week to 3 months. To charge it, it is not necessary to remove it from the armchair. We have incorporated a pocket at the back of the chair in a high position, where the cable is hidden. Just take the cable out of the pocket and plug it in.

Batería portátil sillón powerlift 
9.- What are the advantages of the wing chairs?
First of all aesthetic, since in many cases the elderly cannot use the wings of the chair as headrest because it would require an awkward lateral position.

Sillón orejero powerlift 
10.- How does the adjustable headrest work?
It can be adjusted both in height and horizontally.  It can be closed to support the head laterally. It catches the head in a very comfortable and ergonomic way.

Sillón powerlift Cabecerilla ajustable 
11.- What is our guarantee?
We guarantee the mechanism for 5 years, the seat suspension for 10 years, and the frame has a lifetime guarantee.
12.- Why do these chairs have a small seat depth?
a deep seat and the back has much  inclination so they are very uncomfortable for most elderly people. We’ve all seen our parents putting a cushion on the back to reduce seat depth. For this reason we have designed these chairs with a smaller seat depth and a more straight back. In addition, models Leonardo and Michelangelo include a memory foam back cushion that attaches to the back of the chair to reduce seat depth even more, and allow a more upright position.

Sillón powerlift fondo asiento reducido 
13.- Is this chair only for seniors and people with mobility problems?
No. This chair is not just for elderly people. Its design and comfort make it suitable for any age range. The version with just recliner (not lifting chair) is very suitable for people with cervical problems.

Sillón powerlift para todas las edades
14.- How does the remote work?
The remote is very simple: it has only two buttons, one that operates the mechanism forward and the other does backwards. 

Mando Sillón powerlift
15.- Does it still work if my electric connection fails?
You can buy a battery that gives you enough battery life (depending on usage it can last between 1 week and 3 months). This would allow you not to depend on plugs and cables. In addition, to charge it you would not have to remove it from the chair, but take the cable discreetly hidden in the back of the chair and plug it.

Bateria sillones powerlift 
16.- Do I have to remove the battery for charging?
No. There is a discreet pocket at the back of the chair, where the cable is hidden. To charge the battery, you just have to pull the cable out and plug it in.

Bolsillo batería powerlift
17.- Is it better a soft or firm seat?
Firm seats are more comfortable for elderly people (it is a mistake to put soft foams thinking that they will be more comfortable - it is a fact that firm seats are more comfortable for long periods of time. As an example think of the car seats: they are firm). On the other hand, we have designed the seat cushion with a slight bulge on the front to avoid sliding (this is usually one of the problems of this type of armchairs).

Asiento duro powerlift 
18.- Why and how using the adjustable headrest?
In the wing chairs, elderly people cannot use the wings as headrest because it would require an awkward lateral position. For this reason, the adjustable headrest in models Leonardo and Michelangelo is very suitable for the elderly, and for younger people with back or neck problems. The headrest adjusts in height, and opens or closes according to users needs (to support the head laterally or in a straight position).

Cabecerilla ajustable 
19.- Why is it better the curved ergonomic footrest?
It is a common problem that legs slide to the sides of the footrest, and in some cases with straight or shaped footrests thicker in the central part, they can even fall down. For this reason we have designed the curved footrest (thicker in the sides) to make it more comfortable, avoiding the legs sliding. 

Reposapies ergonómico 
20.- What should I do if my chair does not lift or recline when I press the button?
If the chair is plugged in, check the plug and cable to make sure that is has not disconnected. For the battery, check if it is charged. If everything looks correct but the chair still does not work, contact the store where you bought it.

Comprobar cable enchufado 
21.- Can I pull the chair easily?
There is no need of pulling the chair. We have included a patented castors system so you can move the armchair easily. Just lifting the chair slightly, the wheels will work. 

Ruedas sillón powerlift
22.- Where is the connector to charge the battery?
It is in the back of the chair, halfway up because it is the most discreet and accessible place allowing us to plug the battery without having to bow or kneel to remove it or connect the cable.

Punto de carga de la batería 
23.- Can I place the armchair near the wall?
Yes. But you must separate it a little bit (about 43cm, which is what leans back when the recliner is open).

Sillón cerca de la pared
24.- What is the resting heart position?
It is the reclined position where our legs stay levelled with our heart. This is a very healty position because it favours that our heart rate lowers as if we were completely resting, and it is very comfortable because the angle between our legs and our back does not change.

Posición cardiosaludable