Quality of life is what we all want, and for Fama it is the main thing.
With Toscana collection what we offer is exactly that, with or without the powerlift option for the customer’s convenience.
With their many innovative features, these chairs have been specially designed by Fama to make life easier and more comfortable for you and those you love.
There is a moment in life where our seniors find it hard and difficult to get up from the armchair. The powerlift system (lifting chairs), apart from the reclining action, it also raises the seat to leave the person almost standing. As we age, this type of armchair makes a big difference in quality of life for the users who still have independence; in later years when mobility becomes more of a challenge, this type of chair becomes essential to have a good quality of life for both the older person and for people who help or care.

Sillón powerlift Toscana