One of the biggest problems faced by people looking after a family member with dissabilities is that at the end of the day they have to move the patient around several times (from the bed to the recliner, then to the wheelchair, to another chair for lunch, back to the recliner and finally back to bed again), and in some cases the solution is to leave the person in bed all day long (what reduces significantly his quality of life, his comfort, and may favour problems caused by long stays in the same position, such as wounds or lacerations).

-Wheels mechanism.

To avoid this problem we have created a patented mechanism with castors to move the armchair as if it was a wheel chair.

Mecanismo ruedas

-Thin arm 

Moreover, with the option of thin arm in models Leonardo and Raphael (68cm the width of the armchair), we can move the chair through doorways.. 

Sillón con brazo estrecho

-Sistema de frenado.

Additionally, we have a patented braking system on the powerlift system that allows us to adjust the height and set the position without operating any pedal or having to manually lock the castors. This way the person can sit up straight for lunch for example, thus avoiding having to change to another seat.

Sillón con sistema de frenado